Maybe I’m enjoying the feeling of being stuck, stressed and bored that comes with studying a little too much because i know the end is near. As in tomorrow.
Freedom is only one exam away. Oh what a sweet certainty!

♫♪ I think I’m pretty
without any make-up on ♫♪


currently, here
so finally, fatally. happy

still at the time
mourning that one passed,
gateway. tonight
and tomorrow, another.

des nombreux plusieurs verités

who calls for one
to exclude another, calls for grotesque simplicity
calls for unreal resolve

tu sais que les nuits
ce sont mes heures sentimentales.

Come on, Ennis, you just shot my airplane out a the sky - give me somethin a go on. — Jack Twist (Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx)

First class is almost empty and i’m on the ground leaning against a bin.

urban navigation

feel the wind,
vivid and constantly changing directions,
it’s lacking in force and does not taste of salt.

love to the trees
lining my path here.
I just wish they were pine trees.

thank you, pigeons, magpies,
for singing this morning.
if only you screamed like seagulls.

a salute to the lighthouse
that shines over the city
though it should have sailors seeking its signal.

here comes my train,
on time as usual.
but not having sails nor bow,
don’t even try for my heart.